Corporate Aviation

Corporate Aviation

Comfort, convenience, safety and service for starters. Back that up with choice, flexibility and value. Whether you’re traveling for personal, business, or both, flying by private jet affords you the freedom and flexibility to schedule trips when YOU want them. Are you running late? We’ll wait. Need food service? We always have a table reserved. Need to make several stops along the way? No problem.

The bottom line is we’re here to serve YOU.



APT currently offers, Southern Ontario and our Michigan Metro Detroit area clients. All types of aircraft that we can either bring you too or bring to you, we also offer interchange or backup in the event your requested aircraft is unavailable. Below is a chart of available aircraft APT connects you with the finest in private jet charter services in Michigan and Ontario and nationwide,

Call us at 519-253-7700 (Local number) or 1-888-939-5776 ( North American Toll free line ) to book over the phone.